January 31, 2010

Who is Reyna??

O.k., I'll fess up.

I am not Reyna.  Well, I sort of am, on this blog anyway.

Those who personally know me are confused because they have never heard that name associated with me.  It really threw my mom for a loop.   She wondered whose child she'd raised all those years.  As for you others, have you forgotten about my multiple personalities?  (That includes you too mom.)

I also am not a Mexican goddess,
Or a song,
Or a queen,
Or a counselor (although I like to tell people how their lives would best be run if I was in their bodies.)
I found these definitions while on one of my cyber walks under 'names for a child'.  Don't ask me where.  40 years is a long time to remember such detail. (See Jan 29 post)


Isn't it a beautiful name though?  (I like it better than Sybil)
Especially when you roll the rrrrr's like 6 month old babies so easily do.  O.K., maybe it isn't 6 months.  Please don't start testing your babies, or sending You Tube videos, or tell me that your baby did it at birth.  And as for you parents who don't have any recollection of what I'm talking about, you are not a bad parent.  Yes you are, no I'm not!

So for now Reyna it is! 


1 comment:

  1. So your inner self is finally revealed! I always wondered who it was that restrained (NOT!) you all these years...It's YOU...IT'S ALL YOU! The "Unexpected Life" is what keeps the expected on it's toes and always running to catch up...but isn't running supposed to be good for you?! And "WE" all thought we weren't getting enough exercise...Good for you for striving for that "4 min. mile"...


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