January 29, 2010


Oh my gosh!

It's finally here! 

I have searched for someone, anyone, a surrogate, DUMMIES, a talking gecko, a three-year old, anything to help me create a blog, and after what feels like a lot of wandering aimlessly in cyber-wilderness it is here!


40 years in the making...  well, at least in my mind.  That's how much older I feel anyway.

I know, it's so simple that even a caveman can do it but I couldn't find one of those either. 

Anyway, welcome to the journey of my UNEXPECTED LIFE!
Here are some of the things 
               I didn't expect:
1.    To be divorced
2.    To have 4 boys and only 1 girl
3.    To be a single parent
4.    To have an empty nest and still be alive and sane enough (sort of) to tell about it
5.    To have experienced so much heartache 
              - I didn't expect:
6.    To be able to shave both legs on the same day
7.    To not like peace and quiet because it's too quiet and peaceful
8.    To talk to animals-even when there's none around
9.    To be blogging
10.  To be here and alive today
               I didn't expect:
11.  To meet my father after 40 years
12.  To have the heartbreak of a 17 year old as a mature adult 
13.  To have so many wonderful friends
14.  To learn I could forgive, sometimes many times over (70 x 7 to the tenth power)
15.  To age sort of disgracefully (some parts) (many parts)
              I didn't expect:
16.  To feel loved and valued even though I am alone
17.  To  be picking up warm dog do-do
18.  To be so content and at peace (most days)
19.  To be able to share my life, and hope that maybe for someone, it'll make a difference
        AND I didn't expect
20.  To be SO blessed and to love who I am and who I am becoming!

                          HAPPILY EVER AFTER"



  1. Very cool! see that wasn't so hard....it definitely wasn't what you expected was it? hahaha! Welcome to the "unexpected" world of blogging!!!! Can't wait to hear more "unexpectations!!"

  2. I'm glad your putting your cleverness to good work.

  3. I'm so excited to follow your blog after reading this :)

    Thank you for sharing and I hope you've enjoyed your blog experience so far!!!

  4. Yes, it's a beautiful life and no matter what we went through, they are all for our benefit. I am glad you found the key to making this blog come true! I enjoy your posts!


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