February 10, 2013

Skinny Minnie Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Actually she never lived here.
Well, maybe once in my 20's, when I had hyperthyroidism and weighed as much as a seven year old- although I could out-eat a smoking linebacker, if you know what I mean.

It's just that I came across an old skirt this morning and wondered what it was doing as even part of my antiquated wardrobe.
Was I ever "small" enough to wear that?!
The only thing it might fit was a rolled up 3x5 rug!
I figured it had to have been S.M.'s.

Skinny Minnie has long since moved out. 
She hasn't been here in decades.  
I guess she just forgot some of her clothes.

New Year's Resolution List Add-on.
Go through my house and fill up Skinny Minnie bags and send them to the place so many people want to go: DISNEYLAND!

"If nature had intended our skeletons to be visible it would have put them on the outside of our bodies."  ~Elmer Rice
"I'm in shape.  Round is a shape... isn't it?"  ~Author Unknown   

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