May 29, 2011

She Wrapped Her Arms Around Who She Was And Embraced It

What a difference much of my life would be if I did just that.

If I accepted who I was and embraced it.

My bad hair days,
My dark circles under my eyes,
My aging body parts,
(For clarification that is a belt around my waist) 
My outdated fashion style,
And my imperfect hands and feet.
My interpretation.....

What my little five-year old friend Jessica saw and embraced was:
My smile in spite of all the above ailments,
(She didn't even notice them!)
She loved my hair!
My long , slender legs,
My beautiful flowered (see-through) dress,
(with a belt!)
My fake pearl necklace and earrings,
And my confidence to put out my arms and joyously model who I am in my high heels.

What really struck me was how happy she was while she was "drawing" me.
She smiled the whole time.  (And not because it was a cartoon)
And even more-so how pleased she was with her work.
She had done her best job interpreting what she saw and she was very proud of it.
She even autographed it, being content with her work of art and eager to post her age.
(I just noticed she didn't draw wrinkles or scars or age spots.  I bet she didn't even see them.)

Jessica had had no problem accepting me for who I was and embracing it in a picture.
She had come to sit by me because her mom said ,"She really likes you."
There was no mention of my looks.

Maybe I can learn a lesson or two from her.
Thanks Jess!

"She wrapped her arms around who she was and embraced it."~Reyna

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