March 31, 2011

Unexpected Things I've Learned Thursday

I am borrowing this post idea from Simone at Chocolate Covered Daydreams.  
(Doesn't her title just make you want to stop by?!  Take a look.)

1)  That although everyone can change, the percentage that permanently do is very small.

2)  Babies burp in their own due time and if you try to "rush" them it isn't pretty.

3)  Telling your cat that he is overweight has no meaning to him.  He just meows louder for 

4)  God knew we needed springtime as much as we need hope.

5)  Usually those who depend on us most are not the ones telling us we need to take time for ourselves.

6)  Making up an address for the Al-Anon building is not a good idea to do while filling out a form at the jail.  (As the receptionist who insisted she needed it, promptly told us after she looked it up?!)

7)  The joy my dog gets from riding in the car, even for a short time, brings back memories of how easy it was to find happiness as a child.

8)  Birds don't care if you just washed your car.

9)  Unpopped popcorn kernels don't pop the second time around either. 

10)  When you find yourself giving "the sales pitch" about why you are a worthwhile person  you have already lost the sale. 



  1. This is great! I loved what you said about telling your cat he's overweight! LOL! I might steal this idea, too! :)

  2. You've got some insightful things you've learned. Birds just don't care whether they make a mess of your windows. I've also learned that the sun can be shining brightly and then, once I start to wash my car, it downpours.

    Thanks for spreading the love, my friend!


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