November 10, 2010

Graduating From The Couch

I just graduated from Spill-Your-Guts-On-The-Couch.

I have also referred to it as therapy or butt kicking  or an emotional wringer.

Sounds sort of abusive when I put it that way doesn't it?
It wasn't.
It was healing.

My listener-of-verbal-projectile finished her internship and is moving on to a permanent job working with children.

Instead of retraining a new set of ears, I decided to not get my Masters in TAM (talking about myself) and to stop formal schooling for now.
(I am going to be home schooled.)

Our last meeting felt like I had crammed for my final exam and I had a 50 minute essay-from-the-mouth session of all that I have learned.
( I know it is her job, but the poor woman.)

It actually felt good. (To me.)
Real good.
To summarize my lessons.

I can see the progress that I have made.
I can feel the progress!

The greatest change has been in what I think and say to myself.
That changes everything.

Oh, I know I am far from done.
Just because I "graduated" doesn't mean I will not continue to learn.
(There will always be another couch!)

I have been blessed by having  opportunities to learn from my various trials.
Through those experiences I have a better understanding of many others' hearts.

I started this blog to share the lessons life serves me.
And how I have consumed them.
They are food to my soul.
Per chance one of my recipes will fill your soul.
(How did I go from the couch to the kitchen?)

"The most useful piece of learning for the uses of life is to unlearn what is untrue."  ~Antisthenes


  1. Reyna, I am so proud of you! Thank you for this honest post. I think what you said about the importance of what we think and say to ourselves is so important. And I agree -- our trials do help us have a better understanding and compassion for others. I love your heart and perspective. Your "recipe" fed my soul today. ;0)

  2. YOU are a blessing!

  3. I'm finding that self talk can indeed be very powerful. Just stopping to listen to what I say to myself can be very illuminating. Although sometimes I can't believe what I'm hearing. :)


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