October 29, 2010

You're Not The Boss Of Me!

Spending much of my time around children, I have heard this 
manifesto numerous times.
I would ask or are you?

I was driving to the women's jail to sponsor an Al-Anon meeting and this declaration came to my mind.

It struck me because a few weeks earlier at a meeting almost every one of the women there spoke about their families having addiction and/or drinking histories and how they felt the cyclic doom.

I contemplated whether I had anything "bossing" my life around.

These are some of the things that I thought of:

Solitaire- it determines when I go to sleep (depending when I win or how much of a distraction I need.)

Society- decides if I posses noteworthy beauty (Models and beauty pageants come to mind.)

Chocolate cake (really, anything chocolate)- how much I eat is dictated by how delicious it is (or how stressed or tired I am.)

My children- define what kind of mother I am (or I think they do.)

Laziness- exhausts the idea of exercising ( it is also pro-nap.)

My mind- lets negative voices live rent free.  (I am looking for new tenets.)

Bad relationships- claim I am unlovable (and the only imperfect one.)

Numbers- remind me when the bills are due, about my body image (weight and clothes size), how much my financial worth is ( income & credit score), about statistics (am I normal?) (no), and deadlines (thinking-election), and about time (how much or how little I have.)

My upbringing- trying to keep me a victim.

Pets- they get their demands needs met every time.

Negative people- they rain on my parade ( even on a sunny day-if I let them!)

I didn't like the idea of having all these bosses. 
And they don't even pay me!

I self-inquired whether or not I had someone determining the quality of my life and if so, should I?

Yes I do and yes I should.
God is the boss of me whether I like that idea or not.
Good for me I do like that idea.

When I listen to Him and His wisdom,
He guides me.
When I follow His mission statement and rules,
I am blessed.
When I ask for direction,
He gives it.
When I invest in Him,
He multiplies my return.
When I show love to Him,
He loves me back.
When I don't show Him love,
He loves me anyway.
He never fires me,
or asks me to do harmful things,
or belittles me,
or gives up on me.
He only uplifts,
and encourages me.
Believing I am special.
Because the truth is, I am.
He is not only my boss,
but also my Father,
making me His child.

"Nothing so conclusively proves a man's ability to lead others as what he does from day to day to lead himself."  ~Thomas J. Watson


  1. So, so beautifully said, Reyna. I know I have things in my life that I'm allowing to "boss me". Thank you for making me think about that more seriously today. God is the only one who deserves that title.

  2. And He is the only one who ALWAYS has our best interest at heart.
    Thank you.


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