October 3, 2010

If We Could Convert Guilt.....

"If we could convert guilt into fuel, we would never have to visit the gas station again."~Reyna

I can not speak for men, 
But some women, including mothers,
feed ourselves guilt daily.

No, we FEED off of guilt every day.
It is the foundation of our food pyramid.

Guilt has it's place.
I think it's in the back of the refrigerator with that other stuff that needs throwing out.

I know, we can use guilt to our advantage.
If it spurs us to change something for better.

O.K., if it is sinful then it is good prodding,
But many of us make up 'sins'-
Things that could not keep us out of heaven if we wanted them to.
Things that would make God laugh...
Or maybe cry, if He saw what it was doing to us.

We then use those imagined 'sins' to punish ourselves.

Do we know that if something is making us:

Resent those we love,
Feel we are a hopeless, worthless cause,
Show negative physical symptoms,
Despise ourselves,
Want to throw in the towel,
And eat the whole three pound bag of semisweet chocolate chips,

Sure, there are things in our lives that need adjusting.
Not pummeling!

So adapt.
Change (or try your darndest) when needed,
and keep going forward.
PROGRESSION not regression remember?!

If guilt is keeping you stuck,
Or worse yet,
Destroying your peace,
(Or is it?)

It is time to ask ourselves why are we doing it?
What is the payoff?
And what is the price we will pay if we do not stop?

Mostly ask, "Why do we expect perfection from an imperfect being?
And then beat ourselves up when we don't and can't come through?"
How humane is that?!

That came off a lot little harsh didn't it?
I guess it is because I have been there, done that,
(and still visit sometimes),
And I know the destruction it can leave in its wake.

All we will have to show in the end is more guilt.
It isn't worth it.

Find a new diet.
Or pyramid.

Lighten up.

This is not a ticket to reckless irresponsibility.
But how many of us have marinated in guilt to the point of inertia and misery?

Be gentle with us.
We are all we get,
We are all we got.

Count your blessings (meaning ALL the good you have done).
Name them one by one...
And it will surprise you what the Lord hath done (through you!)

 "It is simply not for us to judge each other [or ourselves]. The Lord has reserved that right for Himself, because only He knows our hearts and understands the varying circumstances and complexities of our lives."
Sheri L. Dew

1 comment:

  1. Girl, you preached, ahem, lectured the right one that needed it! I got lost on the freeway this morning and aside from having a major meltdown and calling myself "stupid" and "idiot" and feeling ridiculous, I made it home. (Maybe an hour later than I should've but I made it.)

    Now, I got rid of that insecurity and on to another. I'm getting ready to go to a meetup with women in Portland to play bunco and I'm feeling nervous and insecure all over again. When does it stop??? I just need to get over it!!

    Thanks for saying what you did. I needed it!


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