October 24, 2010

What Are You Going To Be....?

I spoke to my three-year-old granddaughter (who lives a thousand miles away) over the phone.

We were talking about Halloween and she asked me "what I was going to be".

My initial reactionary response that came to mind was, "I'm already a witch!".
I refrained from saying it knowing my harsh, sarcastic humor could be offensive or even confusing to an innocent child.

She said she was going to be a little-big, yellow mermaid and suggested that I be a very big-big mermaid.  (My son explained that the yellow came from her thinking you had to dress as a fruit and she had chosen a lemon.)

I could not bring myself to tell her that I do not really 'do' Halloween.

At least not for myself.  (I do enjoy seeing others' costumes though.)

How could I crush her enthusiasm?
How could I tell her I am a boring grandma when it comes to 'dressing up'?
How could I explain that it takes a certain body and fitting attire to be a mermaid?
That Halloween is a holiday to scare people, but not with my your body?!

I could not tell her.
Because she would not understand.
She would ask, "Why not?"
And somehow all my excuses would sound just like that.

I am reminded again of the post "When do we lose it?"

What bothers me is not the fact that I really am not comfortable being a part fish/part female, exposed to the elements and society, but that I am closed to the idea of spontaneity, of fun, and of the enthusiasm she has.

The revealing truth is that a fruity, sour, lemon is more my style.
And you know what, I have a feeling that even if I did dress up as some overgrown lemon on steroids that she would still think I was awesome.

It isn't about the costume as much as it is about what I do when life gives me lemons is it?!  



  1. Children are awesome, aren't they? My 3 year old daughter asked me this very thing this morning. I said "Mom". She said , "No, you be a cat."

    I'm not big on dressing up for Halloween, so hopefully she won't mind me skipping it. But, my two little ones will sure look cute treak or treating :)

  2. I wonder what she would think if you put on some cat ears or made a tail out of ??? grocery bags(?) tied together? (Best worn only at home.)

    I so did enjoy watching and sharing in the excitement of my children on Halloween and in a way miss it. (Just a little.)

  3. My best friend and her husband are having a Halloween party this year, so I'm going to dress up for the first time in years. I'm wearing my prom dress (circa 1987) and going as an 80's prom queen. ;0) Should be fun. But, generally, I'm with you -- not too big on Halloween or dressing up.

  4. Sounds fun!
    Not very many people would be able to even wear their prom dress anymore. That alone should make you proud!
    Can't wait to hear your take on it and how it turns out.
    I'd love to see pictures and hear what your children think if it's been awhile since they've seen you "having fun".

  5. Two possible suggestions, Miss Reyna:
    1. You could dress up as a sour grape...then you would not have to say anything because according to you...everyone would know it was you!

    2. TRY the dressing up thing but wear a mask so that people never know who you are! That way you could have fun anonymously and not worry about looking silly!

    Call me if you want to do either. Andrea

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog! :)
    I think you should dress up for your grand daughter. What may make you uncomfortable for a few hours will give her a fond lifetime memory. And you don't have to be a traditional mermaid, with sea shells and a fin. what about a long shimmery dress and a sea shell tiara in your hair?

  7. Andrea
    I liked your ideas! My excuse for not dressing up is that my granddaughter lives over 1000 miles away.
    It sure has made me think though about making sure I add "fun" to my life!


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