January 13, 2015

When Little Things Really Are Big

Last month I opened my locker and I found this terrific surprise to greet me.

It was a "Hi" message; a simple gesture that could be categorized under "small", yet it was huge in the "big" scheme of things.

It was an act of kindness which took thought, effort and sharing.  Someone had taken time to think of me, and generously shared a coveted, delectable, sustenance.

It was a "Hi-gh" point each time I opened my locker or unwrapped one of those morsels.
It made me more high than the chocolate drug itself as my heart was touched by the affection shown me through this simple but profound act.

Never, ever underestimate the "little" acts of goodness you show to another, for you may never fully know the depth of how really "big" they are!


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