January 1, 2015

Dear New Year.....

Dear New Year.....
I know I have never met you before, but I am looking forward to you being in my life and getting to know you. 
I am also anticipating getting to experience the blessings that you have to share with me, as well as the lessons I can learn from you. 
I am awaiting what this new year has to add to my life hoping that you stay with me for at least 365 days before you decide to leave.
I will do my best to cherish and express gratitude in all things knowing you are in my life only for my benefit, no matter if some trying days are mixed in there. 
Thank you for adding me to your list of friends and for adding another yearly piece that is forming the puzzle picture of my life. Welcome 2015 to my life!!!
With gratitude,
Love, Reyna 

"Today is the first blank page of a 365 book.  Write a good one!" -2015-

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