February 23, 2014

The Nostalgic Dirt

Do you ever think you will miss something like dirt?
In the bottom of the tub?  
And the ring left behind?
Well, I didn't either until I saw this:
I had given my dog a bath because she had been rolling in the dirt with my daughter's dog and it was too dark to bathe her outside.
When I let the water out, this is what was left.

And unexpectedly it took me back to when my children were small and this is what it looked like after they were done with their baths.
And I missed it!

Of course I didn't miss the dirt, I missed the memories that came with the dirt.
I missed them digging holes that never were quite deep enough to reach China but that surprisingly unearthed "dinosaur" bones (which resembled old chicken and steak bones).
I missed the mud baths that plastered their faces, hair and bodies.
And underwear which never were completely white again.
I missed the laughter and squeals that accompanied them jumping in a pile of fall leaves, tossing them up, making a new pile and then doing it again.
And oh, the hunt for the prized, rare rock collection which consisted of precious stones such as caliche!

But mostly I missed them.
I missed having little children in my home again.
I missed their messes,
Their laughter,
Their love of life and simple, yet exhilarating joy,
And I wished for a moment, that I would've appreciated it more then, as I do now.....

"People seem to get nostalgic about a lot of things they weren't so crazy about the first time around."  ~Author Unknown


  1. I am so happy to see you writing more often. I know I am not alone in the enjoyment of seeing there is a new post. It has to be a common feeling that we all feel we didn't appreciate those times as much as we do today. The great thing is some little thing shows up so we can relive those moments all over.

  2. Thank you! I enjoy posting and am grateful when life presents lessons that warm our hearts with fond memories. And reminds us of how precious life is!


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