January 29, 2012


I felt like a man for awhile.
I had to look up my anniversary to make sure I got the date right.
(Some men might not even bother to do that.)

Sorry if that offends any men.....well sort of.

So here are some reflections since my blogging birth.


*  That blogging can and has opened up a new awareness and computer world for me.

*  That you can make "friends" even though you have never officially met them in person.

That there are SO many talented people out there who just think, " Oh, it's not a big thing".

*  That there are SO many talented bloggers!

*  That the world is literally at my fingertips.

*  That although I do not always want to continually be schooled in some of the lessons presented me, "graduating" means I am done living.

*  That the lessons I am learning are not unique to me.

*  That empathy and understanding can come from total strangers.

*  That ALL of us have unexpected lives.
*  That even when you accept that life is unexpected there are certain things you never expect to happen in your life.  And wish never would have.

*  That in spite of all the painful "unexpecteds",  life continues to bring the promised rainbow after the storm.  (We may just have to be more patient for some to appear.)

 "...know...that all these things shall give thee experience, and shall  be for thy good."  D & C 122:7

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