July 10, 2011

"Some People Come Alive After They're Dead....

Just like when mummies stay in toilet paper a long time-they come back alive." ~R.T.  (5 yrs. old)

I'm not quite sure what image this little girl had when she made this comment.

I wondered if she had peeked in on my private world and was viewing me.

Forlorn and heartbroken.
Barely a heartbeat of desire-to-go-on left within me.
All wrapped in Kleenex (which could look like toilet paper to a child.)

And how after I had felt my heart die - I had come back to life.

I, like some people, had to lose my life as I knew it to come back alive.

I would not recommend this method of self actualization and yet for many of us it comes uninvited.
Through loss due to:  illness, finances, death, divorce, children (or lack of), dreams, addictions, love, and many more trials. 

What is our choice is whether we will revive that lost breath of hope.
THIS I do recommend!

That was over a dozen years ago for me.

On a small scale I think we are all given regular opportunities to shed the old us and come back alive as a new "me".

Are we using this chance wisely?
Are we exfoliating the things we don't like about us to make room for new growth/experiences we do want? 
Are we happy with who we are becoming?
Are we willing to eliminate or add to help that to happen?

Life is beautiful behind all that toilet paper!
(I wanted to say, "Let's leave all the crap behind." but I don't think that sounds very nice.  So I won't say it.)

Perhaps death in this form is the prescription we need to live!

"The resurrection gives my life meaning and direction and the opportunity to start over no matter what my circumstances."  ~Robert Flatt

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  1. This resonates so perfectly for me because it feels like I've completely started my life over again being married and on this new journey. I guess in many ways, the old me is gone and in place, is a woman ready for more adventures to come. I hope that for you as well.


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