June 5, 2016

What Happens In The End

The occupations I work in, can seem uncertain at times.
Meaning, there may be points during a work day/night where it seems questionable as to the effectiveness of my performance.

Because all of the endeavors I do, involve working with individuals on a personal level, I often would scrutinize each interaction, sometimes feeling guilty if it seemed I had upset someone. 
But over the years I have learned a valuable lesson.

That just because there may be some low moments, doesn't mean I have failed.
What really matters is what happens in the end.

When the day/night has come to a close, how were those involved feeling?
Were they happy, relieved, satisfied, appreciative and gracious?
Were they thanking me with words, a hug or gentle pat on the back, or holding my hand?

THESE are the telling story to me.

So, if somewhere in my day, I missed or forgot something or was a little slow, or a little too honest or stern, it really isn't where the focus should be.
Because if in the end those I work for felt loved, and appreciated and respected, all that happened in between then was just the "small stuff".
And in my jobs, you are literally too physically close to people to want to "sweat the small stuff".
"Train yourself to find the blessing in everything."

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