March 13, 2014

Too Much Information

As I was picking up my "treat" I asked the cashier if I could have a top/lid.

The man behind me said, "I don't like lids.  It makes it harder to eat."
My Overly Friendly Self: "I know, it does, but it makes it easier for me to eat when I'm driving."
Man:  "You shouldn't be eating and driving."

I, joking as I do, and thinking the man was also joking, raised my eyebrows to the cashier as I was getting scolded and chuckled, "Iii knowww.  But it's sooo good isn't it?!"

Then the man sternly said, "I am a Safety Driving Instructor." (oh, great!) who then went on to reprimand me....I felt like I was in grade school again.  Or defensive ice cream class.

Smiling, I sheepishly glanced at the cashier (like I would a grade school classmate) and we exchanged "busted" looks (because what else do you do at that point?!)...except eat your "treat" and be careful what you say to who you stand next to in line! 

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