June 6, 2013

I Killed The Invisible Man

Is it really possible to kill something that isn't real
or that you can't even see?

 If you ask a Kindergarten boy he would answer with a resounding, "Yes!"
(as he runs around the playground getting rid of his demons).

Have you ever thought about that?
Not asking a Kindergarten boy,  but of getting rid of the things in our lives that we can't even see?

Imaginary is sort of like invisible isn't it?
Things that sound like: 
"Something must be wrong with me because it seems like they are looking at me,
Or talking about me",
"I am a bad......"
(*you fill in the blank)
*note-only one negative comment per person,

Or "I am a failure",
"No one loves me because I am unlovable",
"No one will miss me if I'm gone",

Who is the invisible man?!
What does he even look like?

Many of us have this nemesis in our lives.
He is not usually some handsome dark male dressed in colorful tights with a cape (darn it!).
He often looks like people we know or he even closely resembles us
(He looks like those negative messages above.)
His job is to bring us down, to make us believe things are not good, are lost; that we are lost.

This of course is not true. 

His invisibility makes it harder for us to address.
It was like Big Bird trying to convince people that there really was a Snuffleupagus when they never really saw him.
It is hard for others to understand where all these thoughts, thus causing our often irrational behavior, come from for they are only in our heads.

Yet they are so powerful they are destroying us.

Some of them are keeping us in shame, living in fear that someone may uncover "the truth".
Only, our truth is a  fallacy.

Yep, that little boy is right.
The Invisible Man has got to go!
Take out your therapy swords, your (real) truth serum, your best supportive friend Snuffy and slay that I.M.!!!

Box Office hits are made about conquering villains.
Now is your chance to become the award winning Lead Actor/Hero in your own Life!!!!

"Real difficulties can be overcome, it is only the imaginary ones that are unconquerable."  ~Theodore N. Vail

P.S.  Something awesomely funny happened when I was trying to change the color of the quote text.  I accidentally pushed a wrong button and the words disappeared.  I was all sad thinking I would have to search through all those quotes again to find it and found out the words were still there but they had become invisible!  (Well, white on white background.)

I loved the irony and wanted to leave it, but it wouldn't help much to have an inspiring quote if you couldn't even read it now would it? (I know I need to get a life.)


  1. Amen! The Invisibles can sure make a huge difference in how we see ourselves or how others see us. This was beautiful.

  2. Thanks Simone!
    Somehow I know you can relate and in the years I have read your blog, you have slayed many yourself!


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