May 6, 2013

If Eyes Could Talk

If eyes could talk what would they say?

Well, I believe that eyes do talk.
But they talk in sign language.
Emotional sign language.

(Isn't there a quote that says the eyes are the windows to our souls?)

If we are not "watching" and looking into the eyes of someone who is "speaking" in more than words, we may miss it.
Vocal words are not even necessary to "hear" when someone is internally happy or sad or heaven forbid, seductive.  (For some reason the latter is one of the most easily read messages?!)
Just look at their eyes. 

It can be fun and easy and emotionally much more comfortable to send a message just as I am doing here or via text or some other technological mode, but there is no substitute for human interaction.
For reading and seeing into the spirit, the soul of someone whose emotions may only be able to be expressed in their eyes.

We have all probably seen (or even been the one delivering ourselves) someone whose words did not match their eyes, their true feelings.
Someone who is saying they are happy or fine but whose reflection you see as masking some pain.

So just for today (sounds like my AL-anon pamphlet) look into just one person's eyes as you interact with them and maybe for the first time "see" them in a different way.
That someone may even be you, hiding behind a verbal facade. 

Then take the time to ask what is really being said.
(That's the hard part isn't it?  Which is why we will often "look the other way".)

Often, all that is needed from us is just a listening, understanding ear.
Then come back and share what happened.  (My eyes are sparkling with anticipating adventure and challenge right now!)

"Tearless grief bleeds inwardly".  ~Christian Nevell Bovee


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