September 17, 2011

When Money Is Not Enough

My typed words have been silent for a month now.

It would be wonderful to say I went to Hawaii after all with my friend,
Or that the new hunk-of-a-man in my life has taken priority,
Or that I am now famous and above blogging...

As you may have guessed none of these are very true.

What really happened is 3 jobs turning into twelve hour days.
I am now downsizing my life and work.

I have decided that there comes a point when money is not enough.

Yes, I know the economy is hurting and now may not be the best time to walk away from money and a job.
Bills still have to be paid in my crib.  And there has been no shortage of the "unexpecteds".

So I thought it might be best to compile a "sanity" budget along with my financial budget.
The bottom line is is that the psychotherapy I need from working so much (did I mention this is twelve hours with miniature insanity makers -children?) costs me way more than the income I am bringing in.
Couch sessions aren't cheap.  Even for cheapskates!

I am writing this lightly yet it is true that there are many things in life that not even American Express can make priceless.

I was losing my time and energy to do the things that contribute to my purpose here on
That in turn affects relationships namely the one I am nurturing within myself.

A budget helps us live within our means.
This has now come to include a budget within my mental and emotional means.

Just as I make cutbacks to save money on physical items I am making cutbacks to help me not fly over the cuckoo's nest.

It feels good. 
Oh, a little scary, but more-so comforting to know that someone is looking out for my overall best interest.  
It is wonderful that that someone is me.  I'm free-as in no charge!

 "The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak."  ~Hans Hofmann, Introduction to the Bootstrap, 1993

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